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// Tuesday, May 6, 2008 11:58 PM

It's been a while. Guys have less than a year to ord. Most of the girls are moving on to year 2.
Skipping chinese to play pool, skipping school for chalet, to stargaze, play mahjong, waving to the j1s across the window during gp, buying 15(is that right?) plates of chicken rice, breaking lab equipment after pe...the list goes on. I'm missing those days. A lot. And i don't think im alone. We're missing one another...missing 76. We haven't had a proper gathering in a while eh...Aint it time?

Dear fen's leaving...
// Friday, February 8, 2008 9:36 PM

Hello 76,
our dear fen's leaving for Adelaide, Aust tmr. Her flight's at 10.15pm. Let's send her off together k? It'll be almost a year before we get the chance to see her again... Please help spread the message. 8pm, Terminal 1

// 12:55 AM

LOOOK! Our dear XIULI made a collage!!!! everybody come and kope!

Class Gathering
// Monday, February 4, 2008 12:17 AM

So after 1 year we've finally had an official class gathering! Not many turned up but it's still good! 12 people came. That includes bk who came later.

So what did we do... Dinner at Marche, then we went shopping for a while. Ok that was it haha. But it was fun! Don't we all miss those days...

Duwane's still as crappy as ever. Bernard lost weight. Again. And tk keeps insisting he is not Bernard, that he needs to gain weight. Tk gained weight haha! Weifen has new hair. Leanne loves it. Weifen's flying off on the 9th. February. Take note people! Nicholas is gonna invite us to his wedding when he's 30. Shane still loves giving stupid faces. Tung's hair is still curly! Xiuli still loves taking pictures. Jacky was quiet. Poor boy he's ill. Bk still likes appearing and disappearing. Shir's hp drew a lot of interest from gossip-loving tung.

Can we have another gathering please!

Where are you going !
// Friday, June 22, 2007 11:10 AM

Okaayyy I think many of us are probably woondddering which path one another are embarking on righttt! Let's do a compilation. I'll write those I think I know and the rest of you can contribute okay? Here goes (in random order)!

Qianling - NIE
Eunice - NUS Science
Qiuying - NUS Business Administration
Luling - NTU Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
Xiuli - NUS Business Administration
Elsa - NTU Psychology
Chingtung - NUS Science
Shir - NTU Mechanical Engineering
Mich - NUS Business Administration
Leanne - NUS Mechanical Engineering
Vanessa - ?
Mel - NIE
Yiting - ?
Gillian - NUS Business Administration
Weifen - Abroad
Ting Ting - State University of New York,Buffalo Business
Andy - OCS - NUS Mechanical Engineering
Duwane - Guards - NUS Business Administration
Bernard - Naval Combat System Operator - NUS Science
Nicholas - 35SCE Storeman - ?
Tk - Signals - NUS FASS
Charles - SISPEC - NUS Computer Engineering
Caron - Guards - NUS Science
Bk - Air Defence System Operator - NUS Science
Kum - 35SCE - NTU Mechanical Engineering
Wil - Signals - ?
Jeremy - OCS Navy - ?
Shane - Clerk(Subset of which unknown) - ?
Jeff - Naval Combat System Operator - ?
Jacky - SISPEC - NUS Architecture

// Monday, May 21, 2007 11:35 PM

botak jones outing is confirmed!

date: 26th may 2007
time: 7pm
venue: tpy outlet

meet at bishan mrt at 7pm.
attendance will not be taken.
we will leave by 730pm, but if for some apparent reasons that you have to be later than 730pm do msg someone who is going and we will wait for you. However, if you do not inform anyone of your attendance, we will take it that you are not coming.

note to botaks: please do try to come. its an outing specially planned for you guys. pass the msg around in case some botaks dont read the blog. thanks!

any comments do tag.

// Saturday, May 19, 2007 12:12 AM

hi sevensixers.

botakjones outing is tentatively set on:
date: 26th may 2007 (saturday)
time: dinner (ard 6pm)
place: amk or tpy
please indicate the place you prefer on the tagboard.


Meet-the-Botaks at Botak Jones
// Monday, April 30, 2007 3:23 PM

UPDATE : Meet-the-Botaks at Botak Jones
until the main ppl -- the botaks, are able to make it ie. post field camp /sit or whatever.
( some guys having field camp this weekend and will be confined.) Some guy please let us know when all these field camp confinement stuff end!
Meanwhile discussion for location still on. Someone please suggest which outlet's more accessible and has better food!

Ok what about a vote on location.

P/S. This post will be updated based on response instead of posting new posts again and again.

Important Message
// 3:10 PM

Hello fellow 76ers,

Welfare will no longer be responsible for updating and collating attendances for meets. Not feasible you know. The class blog would otherwise be redundant would'nt it?

Anyway future meets will be announced here as it has always been.
As for attendance please inform the early people if you are late. May also pre-confirm attendance on tagboard.

Please check the blog from time to time so you know whats happening and dont miss anything. Boys especially since you can only check once a week.

Thank you. Enjoy Labour Day Holiday!